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OT-0003 SIAKAP (PENANG WILD) 金目鲈 (槟城野生)

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  • 金目鲈,属【新鲜野生】
  • 新鲜野生金目鲈,于槟城渔夫当日新鲜捕抓,下单成功后,请联系金牌店长了解送货时间,我们的送货时间不含假日与公共假期。
  • 一条新鲜野生金目鲈经处理后,含一整顆鱼头,一包鱼尾和鱼肉片 
  • 鱼片数量以称重为主,一片大约130-230g+-
  • 免费去鳞,去内脏,切片,急速速冻处理,个别真空包装
  • 请留意,购买的重量以【整条鱼计算】,经过去鳞与内脏后会减少大约300g+-
  • 储存方式,可冰冻储藏(-18°C)长达3个月保持最佳口感
  • 请留意海鲜价格会根据时价作调整
  • 请留意野生海鱼属于不定时种类,且数量有限,将根据当日捕获为准



  • Siakap is from Penang wild caught
  • Fish will freshly deliver to you , after confirmed your order please contact our manager to arrange your delivery time. Our delivery time except weekends and public holidays. 
  • Fish after processing, you will get 1 whole piece fish head, 1 pack fish tail and fish fillet
  • Fish fillet quantity depends on fish weight, 1 fillet is around 130-260g+- 
  • We provide descaling, cutting, come with flash frozen individual vacuum pack for FREE 
  • Whole fish is taken for weight measurement, after descaling, the net weight will be lesser around 300g+-
  • If keep frozen(-18°C) properly, it can last for 3 months
  • Please do take note seafood price fluctuates according market price
  • Please note that wild caught fish is an irregular species, and the quantity is limited. It will be based on the catch of the day

Siakap suitable for steam, steamboat, grilled, fried, porridge and etc


  1. 每天晚上8pm为截单时间,订单将会于3个工作日内发货到指定的送货地址,请查询email是否已经成功下单
  2. 送货时间于10.30am-6pm,由于送货时间取决于交通情况,司机将在抵达住家前30分钟给予通知;请确保送货地址处,有人负责收货

Order Notice

1.Order cut off time is everyday 8pm, your order will be delivered within 3 working days, please check your email to ensure that you have placed order successfully

2. Delivery time is 10.30am-6pm, the exact delivery time depends on traffic, deliverymen will give you a call 30min before reaching you. Please ensure someone to receive the items at the delivery address

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